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100 Financial Ratios

In accordance with Principle 1 page – 1 key figure, 100 key figures of corporate communication are presented to the reader in an understandable and comprehensible way.

Strengthening know-how about financial indicators

The book “100 Financial Indicators” summarizes the most important key figures clearly and concisely. It is aimed at board members and managing directors, controllers and financial experts, but also at banks, auditors, tax consultants, business journalists and students.
The contents of this handbook will help you to strengthen your knowledge of financial ratios and prepare yourself optimally for the dialogue with lending banks or investors.

Critical appraisal of each financial indicator

In addition to a definition of each key figure, its calculation is illustrated using a numerical example and the corresponding areas of application are explained. By comparing the essential advantages and disadvantages, each indicator is subjected to a critical appraisal. Please note that there may be international differences in the calculation of key figures.

Comprehensive analysis for meaningful results

When dealing with key figures, it is important never to look at them in isolation, but always over time, in relation to peer group companies or depending on the circumstances customary in the industry. Finally, the comprehensive analysis of several indicators is the key to transferring key figures into a meaningful result. This reference book provides you with valuable support for this.

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