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100 Human Resources Ratios

Human Resources (HR) plays a key role in the success of a company, as demonstrated by numerous studies.

100 Human Resources Ratios – Optimizing the performance of the organization

The manual „100 Human Resources Ratios“ is designed to provide HR managers with targeted advice on how to optimize the performance of the organization using appropriate key figures. Not only the key performance indicator, but also its development over time in particular allows conclusive insights and enables targeted measures for the further development of the organisation.
Employees make the decisive difference. This is proven by various studies and it is a much cited statement of the companies about their employees. Nevertheless, this shows the practice, the companies and the responsible Human Resources (HR) departments know relatively little about the so-called “human capital”.

Use of HR ratios promotes transparency

The results will be used to determine the priorities for human capital in the near and medium term. Belly feelings are backed up with facts, investments or reductions can be credibly represented and targeted progress in the effectiveness of the company can be achieved and measured.
The use of HR indicators also promotes transparency in the company and helps employees, investors and other stakeholders to improve their assessment and analysis. The company is thus accepted as a trustworthy and genuine interlocutor in terms of human capital. The book is therefore an ideal companion for HR managers, HR consultants and interested students.

Make informed decisions based on key ratios

If your company is just starting to check the performance of human resources, you don’t have to measure too much at the beginning. Ten to 15 key metrics help you and your company to gain first important insights, enabling you and your company to make targeted and well-founded decisions with regard to your most important resource – your employees.

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